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A Union Steward

As a Union Steward, you are the face of the union.  You are the linchpin to ensuring that the hard earned benefits negotiated under the CBA in fact benefit the members as intended. 


To achieve that objective, you will need to act as a:

·         Resource.  You will answer questions related to the CBA, including interpretation and application, member benefits and rights, and union membership.


·         Mediator.  You will mediate disputes between members and disputes between members and management.  Your impartiality is your most important asset here. 


·         Arbitrator.  You will need to exercise judgment and be willing to have frank and firm conversations with members.  Not every complaint is a grievance.  Not every complaint is a violation of the CBA. 


·         Advocate.  You will be the advocate for members to management.  It is your job to step up and argue persuasively and passionately for your members.  You are the boots on the ground and the voice to the megaphone for the IBEW Local Union 300.  It means that you will be present with members and assist them in the grievance and arbitration process (if it comes to that).  It means that you will be proactive in ironing out wrinkles in practice or policy that you see arising within your organization


What are your responsibilities?

          Being a Union Steward is not for the faint of heart.  It requires an understanding of the contract, a fair and impartial demeanor toward employees and management, a sense of humor, the willingness to withstand disagreement and criticism, and a good dose of common sense.  Your responsibilities in this role include:

·         An excellent working knowledge of the CBA;

·         An excellent working knowledge of the Company’s policies and procedures;

·         A fair and impartial demeanor toward employees and management;

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